Thursday, 25 March 2010

The March To The Stars

A brand new DMX Krew album is released on CD today on Legowelt's Strange Life label.

You can check some tracks here.
You can watch a strange video here.
You can order directly from Strange Life by emailing them.


  1. Lord DMX is back! Call the cops! The dark Prince of ravetronica is back on the scene with a sophisticated, lovely little album!

    A good album to listen to on wet Wednesday afternoons in deserted holiday resorts in the United Kingdom..

    The March To The Stars? You better believe it!

  2. Sounds great. I ordered the CD.

    Any chance we'll see this on vinyl?


  3. No it won't be on vinyl. It's not really DJ music so it's not worth it.
    Downloads will be available soon however.

    I will hopefully be doing a 12" with Strange Life with one or two tracks from this CD plus some other new tracks with more beats than this CD has.

  4. any chance of Holding Pattern being on the 12"? I'd play that out!

  5. 97 to think you had stuff this good just lying around! Strong Numan vibe off that first track(in a great way). Very much looking forward to an mp3(or FLAC?) version.

  6. Aaaaand I just got the pun. Read twice, post once.. ;)

  7. i don't get the pun :(

    anyways, samples sound amazing!!!

  8. >>i don't get the pun :(
    Patrick can explain the pun to you.

    >>97 to think you had stuff this good just lying around!
    in fact the oldest track on the CD is from 2002 but on the 12" there will be a track from 97. I've still got hundreds of unreleased tracks, some of which are good! Labels, get your cheque books out......

    The album has been submitted for online stores and should be available for download within a couple of weeks.

  9. Loving the samples, really make you smile.

  10. Ed,

    Have you got more of these kinda melancholy songs knocking about?

    I love them..

    The March To The Stars 2 would be good..

    This album is the best album of the year so far..

    Well done, Lord DMX!

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  12. just got my copy, some funky numbers on here. great stuff. seems like a nice little label too, friendly folk.

  13. Got my copy too. I'd like to know a bit more about each one. 12 yrs a long time so some context would be great. [No pressure ;) ]

    Different vibe for sure but I like it.

  14. Just got my copy -- and am smitten!
    Also very fitting that it's out on Legowelt's label. Can't wait to hear more of this stuff.
    Thank you!

  15. I checked Amoeba in San Francisco, but no luck there. Purple Rain(I figure I'll work my way backwards) and Tomita's the Planets made for some consolation, at least. I'll keep checking for the digital release, since I feel weird about mail ordering a record that I'm just going to rip to my HD later.

  16. Absolutely love this album.