Thursday, 29 October 2009

New Releases

I just added some audio to my Myspace player so you can check out the latest two releases on my label Breakin' Records.

BRK57 is a split/collaboration affair with some friends.

The A-side is kind of banging techno made with an 808 and a synth that was free on the front of a magazine with Tokyo tinkerer Yuri Suzuki.
The B-side is more electro-ish techno and acid with Croatian acid squeezer Qwerty.

BRK56 "Computor Shock" by Computor Rockers is up there too, slipped my mind to upload samples at the time of release.

Vinyl of both releases is out now and digital downloads will be available soon.

Finally, Podcast number 12 will hopefully be uploaded next week....