Friday, 19 March 2010


Podcast 17 in the area. Various kinds of soulful and groovy music, some of my all time faves in this one.




  1. Amazing. I must say Ed, you have turned me on to Soul music in my old age. I guess it was inevitable as after being a music afficianado for so long. I know realize that Soul and Funk are crucial elements to all good music in general.

  2. God, this is an awesome blog with awesome treasures.. Thanks for sharing all this with us. :)...the 3th song reminds me to the "bad lady" from "Con Funk Shun"....oh when you're bad, you're badder yeah! hehe.....all sources for a great inspiration :). Greetz my soul bro...

  3. another home run.
    my mother taped that apollonia 6 tune of the radio back in 88 and i still listen to that tape. always told my girlfriend that it really sounded like was!
    never mind the poll. part of the fun of the show is also being educated about music one might never listen to otherwise.
    Just do your thing e :-)...
    have a nice sunday

  4. yes, mate!

    you just gotta give us what you want.. we are open & receptive to it!

    you get it right every time (more or less)..

    and we love you for it!


  5. oh. god. please. don't. ever. stop.

  6. Have missed the last couple of broadcasts. Looking forward to getting caught up. My vote would've been for more 909 hip hop!

  7. orgasmic:dance:ecstacy
    that's the therapy..

  8. >more 909 hip hop!

    loads of tracks by mantronix and also schoolly D, plus that one MC Shan tune.... can you name any more?

    I'd love to know more 909 hip hop stuff!

  9. I just found this..
    - Davy DMX
    - Boogie Boys

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  11. Eh? None of those artists used 909 as far as I know.
    Davy DMX obviously used a DMX, the clue is in the name.
    Or are you just sending me a random list of 80s hip hop?

    .oO CONFUSED Oo.

  12. And suddenly I realize I don't have nearly enough Prince in my life. Thanks for making an otherwise crap Monday infinitely more tolerable.

  13. is bwoon dub considered 909 hip hop?

  14. >>I don't have nearly enough Prince in my life
    all the albums up to and including Purple Rain are essential, Sign O The Times and Around The World In A Day are pretty amazing as well.
    then the first two The Time albums and the Vanity 6 album.

    >>is bwoon dub considered 909 hip hop?
    only if you do a really good rap over it and post the link here for us all to check out.

  15. hehe...yes and no, I searched a little bit ramdomly but I listened 1 or two tracks of each group. I thoght it was bad. ;)

  16. nice one for playing all the prince related stuff (vanity 6 etc). big prince fan since i was about 12. i was considered a bit of a freak at school for this. little did they know they didnt just didnt have the funk.


    Feat. Percee P & Dooley O

    Kinda Whack but whatev.

  18. That's not you rapping!
    Anyway the rap is supposed to be in time with the beat, that just hurts my ears, competely out of time, just 2 things playing at once.

    If you want any respect you have to do the rap yourself.
    Maybe we should start a competition.......

  19. do the competition, i'd be more inclined to really rap after hearing the rest of you lot's attempts.

    yeah, i've never learned how to properly use an A Capella. I just listened to the original songs, then tried to sync it in ableton. maybe that's a good idea for a small radio lesson.

    Nice new release by the way. Love that Arpanet stuff.

  20. and by Arpanet i meant cyberfunktwerk

  21. this is off topic - but in case anyone missed it there was a program on radio 4 last night about electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire (she of the Doctor Who theme):

  22. Just Ice and T La Rock had some 909 based tracks on their early albums, the tracks were mostly produced by Mantronix though...

    Also Evil E/Ice T used a 909 on most of the tracks for the Rhyme Pays album...

    Theres a few more, but most of them arent strictly just a 909... I'll have to make you some... ;)

  23. Talking of people mc'ing over Aphex tracks, this is a good pretty mash up:

    This episode had to be one of my favorites, you ought to do a songs for summer special once it starts to warm up! Excellent radio show!

  24. Oops, forgot to post this one too, you've all probably heard these:

    I think a competition for people mc'ing over Bwoon Dub would be a grand idea! Sir DMX should go first! More vocal tracks!

  25. lovin' the podcast, always nice to hear some new stuff no matter what it's called. Keep up the good work.


  26. this is the best ever..

    but i'm sure you can improve on perfection!

    why do i always feel your music is telling my story? is it universal?

    can't wait for #18!

    ((((((ms10 breathing)))))

  27. How do you spell the name of they guy who made the 'Runaway' song?