Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Twenty Two

Podcast 22 on a mostly acid / techno / Rephlex kinda tip, enjoy :)



Wednesday, 2 February 2011



Last year I licensed some tracks to a library company called Deep East Music. They supply music to the TV and film industry etc, and they press up very small runs of CDs which are exclusively for their clients and not offered for sale.
However, I've made a deal with them to make a small quantity available to DMX Krew fans, here's the deal:

It's a double CD entitled Analogue Boogie / Analogue Lounge. There are 33 tracks and 29 mini-tracks which are 60-second long edits intended for theme tunes etc.

The musical style is quite varied but it's all analogue synth stuff, quite retro and similar to stuff on "Fresh Up" but also there are a couple of electro tunes and a few other styles. It's nearly all instrumental but there are a couple of vocoder jams including "Do It All Nite" from the last DMX Krew single on Fresh Up.

Price is gonna be £12 plus taxes and post & packaging.

EDIT: Tax means VAT in the EC bringing the total up to £14.40. If you're outside the EC you don't have to pay VAT. Please note, previously I thought the tax was UK only but I was wrong. I'm going to confirm this tomorrow with the tax bastards.

I'm not sure what the post & packaging costs are going to be right now but I'll find out and update this post in the next couple of days.

If you're interested, please email me at: dmxkrew **AT** gmail ^^DOT^^ commmmm. :)

Here's a wee mix of some of the tracks:

Deep East Promo Mix by EDMX