Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Is anyone going to the Bang Face weekender?
I really need a lift from the event back to London arriving by lunchtime on Monday, or on Sunday.
Can anybody help me? If so please email: dmx (*AT*) dmxkrew (*DOT*) com.

The line up looks great!
Hope the planes are running by then....

.....sorry for the lack of Podcast, just been on a different tip, doing different things, but will get back to it soon.


  1. I saw you at bangface, loved the set and enjoyed it when you did You're Not There. Did you get to check out many of the acts? Kelpe was one of my highlights, and venetian snares, and you of course!
    It felt like you were with us on the way home because we were listening to your podcast on the way back, a lot of car bopping going on to drexciya and all the razor cut beats from podcast 16 (i think)

    Hope you got back ok, and thanks for the podcasts, they are what music lessons at school should have been like!

  2. what did you (or anyone) think of urban tribe?

  3. @ eoin : I have seen Urban Tribe on BF, I was dancing ( and smoking ;) all the time at the front of their set.
    I absolutely LOVED their liveset !!..definately one of my highlights
    The sounds were dark, underground and banging!!!!

    I missed almost everyone else i wanted to see tho like dmx and ceephax, mike dred and st acid etc etc but its part of it i think .. BF is much more then just music ... nevertheless i had a BLAST !!!!
    Was my first time getting bang faced and i will deffo go back next year :D

    How about you ??

  4. oh , and what i also loved what when they finished their liveset they put this track on and walked away :

    2001 | Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe | Warp Records WARP LP 90

    : D

  5. It's been a month Ed I'm getting with-drawls!

  6. Stop nagging!
    I'm working on it, will be ready in a week or so.
    I've just been busy actually having a life for once........
    It's lovely to be missed :)

  7. yeah come on Ed !

    give us some more. it's addictive ! you can't take it away from us now ! i need my fix.

    : )

  8. Podcasts are great, but guys, we *did* just get an LP. Anyway-whatever I can't wait either, lol.

  9. ED what time are you playing tomorrow at Club Sin? I wanna go but i gotta work on Sunday early. Hopefully you're opening at 9! hopefully you get this beforehand.