Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Game

I've got a new single out on Permanent Vacation, do go and check it out :)



  1. Just like old times. I dig everything you do but I really miss your balls out pop tunes. this track made me put on "we are dmx". I would give my right hand hand to have another synth pop album. My great wish: you do another studio podcast where you do a pop tune.. but I know youre to shy and humble for that to happen :-)

  2. Man, POV of someone about to get dropped in a shark pit. Super nice cover. Also, thanks to aol, I'm very familiar with the internet, and can google, but for maybe a link for those who haven't quite reached my level of mastery?

  3. B: You don't have to give your right arm, just give me some money and pay for the pressing etc. I just can't find labels that want to release my poppier stuff.....

    P: come on, anyone who can get here can use google. i'm too busy today to post up audio, you can listen at the online record store of your choice.


  4. thanks for the response ed. what about permanent vacation? they seem to dig your pop side with this release and the reissue of "come to me". A rhetorical question really, but I do hope you might be able to release another single through them.. if I make it big as a film director Ill write you a check for sure..

  5. Oh my god, the cover to Mastermind. I have it sitting around somewhere; haven't seen it in ages.

    But to be fair, I always did think the cover was a bit stale and the woman unattractive.