Friday, 26 February 2010


Here's the sixteenth show where you can hear mostly freestyle and Detroit techno.
Do hope you love it.
I've still got a big list of records that I want to play you but I'd be interested to know what you lot are most interested in as well so please vote in my poll!




  1. >>Acid :)

    oh yeah, I guess in my mind that comes under "chicago house" although of course there's lots of other stuff with acid in it....

  2. bustin' out some juan atkins in there. this one's got me back on an atkins trip:

  3. Avant-garde, like some Captain Beefheart or John Cage, i'm sure you some strange records which rarely get played?

  4. is anybody else just getting 12mins 42secs of this podcast? gutted!

  5. More making tracks in the studio!

  6. Really digging Chicago house, Detroit techno and Ye olde electro. Another studio session would be great too!

  7. more tenminmixes, like in the italo podcast. not dj sets obviously, but its always interesting to hear two songs that work together, but that you wouldnt necessarily be able to play together at a gig. dare i say novelty mixes?

  8. OR, present each podcast in a different style, eg. one as david attenborough, one as jimmy saville etc...

  9. >>Avant-garde, like some Captain Beefheart or John Cage, i'm sure you some strange records which rarely get played?

    Hmm not much, maybe a couple of library synth records but I'm not into modern classical and electroacoustic stuff, it's too brainy for me and not funky enough.

    >>is anybody else just getting 12mins 42secs of this podcast? gutted!

    Seems to be working fine, have you got it now?

    >>present each podcast in a different style, eg. one as david attenborough, one as jimmy saville etc...

    This is a fantastic idea. I tried to sound a bit more upbeat on this one cos I usually drone a bit. I wish I had the front to do the whole thing in different accents.

  10. Try to do an american accent like Hugh Laurie in House

  11. Play some stuff from unsigned artists that has interested you....

  12. Any gabber, hardcore/industrial or especially hard and dark techno.

  13. I'm curious what the DMX take on ambient or at least beatless or beat diminished is. For example, I noticed that on all the Thompson Twins singles there are experimental tracks on the b-sides...sort of studio outtake synth madness stuff. You seem to be a b-side type guy...just wondering if you've stumbled on some cool gems in there. I guess not true ambient, but ambient-ish. I guess some of the Waveform releases could be in there if the drum tracks were muted...maybe even an electro take on TD space music...etc...ramble..ramble

  14. >>Play some stuff from unsigned artists that has interested you....
    I thought about doing a "special" of just recent releases and demos and myspace tracks, someone previously asked me why don't I play new music. It's a possibility.

    >>Any gabber, hardcore/industrial or especially hard and dark techno.
    Oops that should be in there I suppose. Thing is I've only got a few records like that. My taste is generally more on the funky side. I really really enjoy gabber for about 10 minutes.

    >>ambient or at least beatless or beat diminished is.
    Generally I get bored. I like a bit of rhythm. I love Selected Ambient Works One, all time top 10 kind of album, whereas Selected Ambient Works 2, well I really like it, I respect it but I never listen to it. I've got an Eno CD that's OK. I've got a lot of dance records! I am planning to play some more obscure-ish tracks from the likes of Ultravox, Viasge, Blancmange etc. I must check the Thompson Twins ones, don't know them apart from the hits.
    What's Waveform? Jeff Mills stuff?
    Is TD Tangerine Dream? I find them utterly boring and without merit.

  15. YES!

    I downloaded i on my old computer.. my new one doesn't seem to like it! may be some weird filter i need to disable.

    LOVE IT! Esp. Mr "Cheerful" EDMX..*

  16. i would like to hear some more hip house. maybe a special on it. maybe something on miami bass too. basically genres that havent had as much exposure like freestlye (which was great to hear covered in the last few podcasts) which have led to influence modern styles such as ghettotech. would also be good to hear about some of the up and coming electo / electro funk around at the moment. the new streetsounds stuff ect. great podcast again. looking forward to catching your set at bloc, will try and say hello.


  17. I would like to hear a podcast of strictly DMX Krew songs..

    Private Lives, Michael Knight, DMX Krew remixes, old and unreleased DMX Krew (+ other pseudonym) songs...

    I believe the podcasts should not just zone in on one electronic musical genre..

    Just mix things up as usual. Perhaps keep away from jazz, reggae and dancehall..

    Definitely no rubbish like Tangerine Dream or any pseudo-ambient rubbish..

    As long as it has a good tune and a beat then it should be ace!

  18. that freestyle stuff is awesome

  19. >>i would like to hear some more hip house

    me too but we might be the only ones! miami bass could be cool too, I just feel like I already played Just Give The DJ A Break and nothing else in the genre comes close.

    >>I would like to hear a podcast of strictly DMX Krew songs...

    I would feel embarrassed, like I am really blowing my own trumpet. it's bad enough listening to myself talk over all the records.

    >>I believe the podcasts should not just zone in on one electronic musical genre.

    me too. at least 2 contrasting things per show but maybe better if they're totally mixed up like the early ones were.

    >>that freestyle stuff is awesome

    innit. :)

  20. >>would also be good to hear about some of the up and coming electo / electro funk around at the moment. the new streetsounds stuff

    not my cup of tea really.... you'll have to go somewhere else for that. the mandroid album's pretty ace tho, might play something off that.

  21. DMX Krew songs for one podcast only! It would be amazing! Lord DMX does not have to speak only play the songs if he feels a bit weird talking about his own, shiny, amazing, glorious, sunshine songs...Private Lives, David Michael Cross, 101 Force, Asylum Seekers, House Of Brakes, Viet Cong, Computor Rockers and more....We need that "Mouse" song on a Podcast! It's ace!

    Perhaps a megamix on Soundcloud for the devotees to download if not a podcast?

    "I am a mouse, i like eating cheese" - DMX Krew - Mouse COME ON! BRILLIANT!

  22. I'd personally love to see a Rephlex/Warp/Skam/PlanetMu braindance episode. Also the notion of a modern dance episode is pretty intriguing.

  23. >>We need that "Mouse" song on a Podcast!

    I don't get it, if you already know the song, why do you need it in a podcast? I want to play you something you didn't know you liked yet!


    I like loads of stuff on Rephlex but not so much the other labels you mention. Some older Warp stuff, a couple of Planet Mu ones, never knowingly heard anything on Skam records although I always enjoy Rob Hall's DJing. It's weird I get associated with that scene because I released on Rephlex but I grew up listening to top 40, then Earth Wind & Fire and then Eric B & Rakim and then Derrick & Juan..... people try to have conversatons with me about IDM or electronica and I just don't know anything about it. They sometimes think I'm trying to be aloof or contrary but I really don't listen to that stuff.

    By "modern dance music" I just meant any records from the last couple of years instead of always playing oldies. I don't mean any mysterious new genre.

  24. "Mouse" song on a DMX Krew megamix on Soundcloud. It would be good!

  25. No IDM or awkward electronica. Top tunes only from Lord DMX! We can rely on you!

  26. Well I can't say I'm not surprised, especially since your newest stuff seems to be slididng towards the more experimental/serious side of the spectrum(still, quite funky...). And I really do mean that I'm intrigued about the idea of you playing what you're liking from the last few years. I enjoyed hearing you drop stuff like dizzee and benga in eariler podcasts and wonder what else has been catching your ear lately.

  27. I need help finding good, hard techno!
    Appreciate if anyone has suggestions.

    Something paced around 140 (though slow or fast is not necessarily what I am looking for!) but plays out with some unpredictability and is dreadful or heavy, instead of something lacking clever repetition or too heavy with vox samples/samey sounds; nothing very jumpy. The PCP label has a lot to offer, and since listening to The Mover, I've discovered a certain sort of sound without comparison.

    I'd definitely like to hear aggressive sounds (you're interested in) on the show, but to be honest, I listen to every podcast and there's always interesting stuff to take from it. More miami bass and ghettotech would be good to hear, too.

  28. ha, if it wasn't for the Nice 'N Wild sleeve I wouldn't have found out about them
    sorry, thought i'd mention
    more freestyle and synthpop for me sir
    and i like hiphouse too

  29. Hello!
    You wrote in an answer to a comment in Fifteen that "if you do vocal music, it's not interesting to most "techno" people, and [that your] style is too weird for most "pop" fans".
    Would you consider making a podcast with the songs/tracks that you think manage to conciliate both approaches and satisfy both pop and techno people?
    Thank you for your podcasts!

  30. YES!

    a DMX krew podcast.. and you can tell us all about yourself!

    * first kiss
    * who you fancy
    * losing your virginity
    * et al (i jest - but we'd like to know more!)

    p.s. don't be embarassed - we love you!

  31. Yes, i agree to the comment above!

    Lord DMX for Prime Minister!

    Free drum machines on the NHS!
    Ban Autechre from ever releasing any "music"
    Bring back The Chart Show!

  32. ..and T.O.T.P!

    by-the-way: what day are you at the BLOC WKEND?


  33. ...

    Hey Ed, or anyone else, sorry if this is in breach of your wish to not spread illegal downloads, but can you identify this electro song for me? It's just like a 1 min sample.

    thanks -

  34. It's "Soulless Synthetic Heartsteps Of Unconcerned Androids" by Tik & Tok. I remastered & edited a load of their tracks including that one and they were released on Rephlex.

    Original version's on Survival records, the snare drum sounds REALLY loud on that version.

  35. i want serious musical replenishment for my hand (and body) after having to manually select all genres on your poll.

  36. i get it.. it's a secret!

    hope to see you there!


  37. >>what day are you at the BLOC WKEND?

    saturday night, main stage i think 2 or 3am.

  38. waaaaay.. (past my bedtime!)

    if i come (still undecided) i'll be with my boy, so i might miss that one.

    i'm a bit scared of the full-on rave scene these days!


  39. Well ”lord dmx” :-) another fab show. thnx.

    It really got to me that you said many people saw your vocal performances as a novelty act. I think your vocal tracks are very accessible and have a extremely honest quality about em. A quality many people might be to pretentious to admit that they dig. I just think that its plain powerful. As far at you saying that you’re not an amazing singer, well besides being able to sing in tune, good/bad all comes down to taste right?. Your vocals are certainly distinct and I for one love em … put it to you like this, “we are dmx” remains one of my favorite records of all time. Its been a looper since I picked up in 99…
    Anyways I guess I have to be as annoying as everybody else here and say that I would love a DMX KREW edition of the podcast, and if you cant find it in your heart to do that I certainly hope that your “lost” vocal tracks might become available in some form at some point..

    Cheers Ed


  40. Lord DMX's vocal pop songs are amazing. Blake (above) is on my electro wavelength..

    All hail the DMX Krew Soundcloud megamix/podcast/other!

  41. The more i listen to freestyle the more i love it! I also have to mention that i LOVE your vocals. You and David Michael Cross are my favorite singers. I think David Michael Cross should do a podcast for you. I'm serious.