Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Twenty Four

Podcast 24 featuring the Cool Ruler, the Tuff Gong, the Upsetter, the Black President, the Godfather of Soul, the King of Soul, the Prince of Love and several others.




  1. What a nice surprise. Thanks for doing another Ed

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  3. Rubbish! No drum machines, vocoders or synthesizers..

    Normal music for mutants that eat Maltesers, watch Hollyoaks and listen to Shed 7!

    Lord DMX, what were you thinking of?

  4. Thanks Ed, this is awesome! Bene

  5. I've been refreshing this page for two months for this. It was worth the wait as usual!

  6. @ Kroniktronikboy

    You have *got* to be kidding us. The point is that ED plays what he likes and he exposes other areas of music for us. Plus - who doesn't like reggae and dub? Really. Who??

    I've been blown away by the variety and have loved the whole lot. I revisit the previous podcasts regularly for this very reason.

    As always, thanks for keeping it up Ed. It's truly appreciated.

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  9. e:pp:ik,

    I don't like reggae and dub. It's chronically dull, monotonous and rubbish unlike my other favourite bands - Eiffel 65 and eurocrunk synth-fantasists, 2 Unlimited!

    Prince e:pp:ik, would you like me to set you up with my lovely, shiny friend, Gina G?

    You sound so much fun, fun, fun in the electro-sun!

    Here is a little rhyme for you:

    "Efficient, logical, effective, and practical.
    Using all resources to the best of our ability.
    Changing, designing, adapting our mentalities.
    Improving our abilities for a better DMX way of life..."

  10. i find reggae & dub slightly dull AND difficult to dance to.. but i still like the sound of ed's voice!

    (and I'm STILL #1)

  11. Ms. M,

    You are Batgirl to my Batman!

    I am numbero uno!

    Lord DMX is in the book of revelations.

    You can check. He knows that laddie Judas. He doesn't like him either!

    All follow Lord DMX for peace, love, tranquility and cheap 10p crisps..


  12. this got me on a james brown kick

  13. Wow, love the Chick Corea track. Thanks for putting some of the artists' names in the keywords, there's always some new discoveries in your podcast and it's quite convenient to be able to look it up on the tubes after giving it a listen. Please keep up the great podcasts!

  14. i love this one more and more.

  15. Put It On... boom shot! Big up my selector!