Wednesday, 25 February 2009


So the new podcast was almost ready and then my hard drive died.

EDIT: fixed now! Had to buy a new enclosure for the drive and now it's happy.

Podcast 6 will be up soon!

Thanks to those who tried to help...


  1. It might just be the enclosure? I've heard stories of people popping the drive out of there (should just be a regular hard drive) mounting it in a different FW or USB enclosure (these are usually cheap) and being able to access it. Good luck EDMX!

  2. I've successfully used DiskWarrior in cases like this.

  3. Disk Warrior and similar programs can't see the drive at all.

  4. this has happened to mine loads of times.

    just kept switching it on and off, changed the firewire cable round and it worked again. it got worse and had the same trouble more and more frequently over about 2 years so got a new one.
    if its the first time its done this it should be fine.

  5. Can you see other things plugged into that port? Can another machine see the drive? I've seen firewire and USB ports go before...